Customer review about Delhi Style Tandoori Malai Chaap at Parathas & More

Have you ever experience Tandoori Malai Chaap by Parathas & More?

I am going to share an experience of a customer who very first time tried Tandoori Malai Chaap and the way he described (simply like a real foodie), I order one for myself to feel the taste like he did.

He explains: “It is taste like Garlic Bread from Domino’s with lots of Cheesy dip on it, as soon as I put it in my mouth Cream/ Malai stick to my tongue with perfect amount of salt and lemon, while chewing I experienced the same as garlic bread and couldn’t wait to pop one piece after another till it got finished. It was so soft and perfect in taste that I would love to try other variety of Chaap as well.”

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