Delhis Worlds Famous Soya Chaap in Hyerabad

Parathas & More serving varieties of Soya Chaap since Jan 2018, when not a single restaurant in the City was serving this delicious world-famous Delhi street food.

We at Parathas & More offer, Classic Tandoori Soya Chaap, Tangy Achari Soya Chaap (Chaap Marinated in In-house Achari Masala 7 Cooked in Tandoor) and creamy Malai Soya Chaap (Soya Chaap marinated in Creamy marination and cooked in Tandoor).

Now, there are few more outlets and chain of outlets offering Chaap, but I personally tasted and I am sure that those are no-way close to that Dilliwala ‘Swaad’.

Though the taste is very subjective, if you are looking for ‘asli’ Tandoori / Achari / Malai Soya Chaap in Hyderabad, you know where to order from.

We also have Masla Chaap with Roomali Roti combo, Masala Chaap is basically Tandoori Chaap prepared in onion-tomato masala. This is the most famous and most selling combo at Parathas & More.

Order Online through Swiggy and get 30% OFF up to Rs.50/-. Order Online through Zomato and get to 30% OFF up to Rs.75/-. Not only Tandoori Chaap but on the complete menu as well as all other menu items.