Swiggy & Zomato is a Costly Affair

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Customers paying more while ordering through Swiggy / Zomato. Reason? Everyone knows.

Food Aggregators are charging 25-30% commission from restaurants. Assigning more than one order to a delivery executive by which customers are not getting the expected service for the amount they are paying for.

Nowadays, Aggregators has started charging delivery fees as well.

Also, customers are not satisfied as they have no contact with the restaurant directly.

At Parathas & More, we have realised that this will not work for any of us. Commission, Running Discounts & Marketing are costing 40%.

Food cost nowadays touching close to 40-45% and it will be impossible for a restaurant to survive.

So we urge our customers to Order us directly, and we are happy to pass on half of the commission to our customers directly.