Whole Wheat Tandoori Parathas

Parathas & More serving Tandoori Parathas since 2015. Prior to that their were joints near around Kondapur, Gachibowli  (Hyderabad) area but those were only serving  Tawa parathas and that too with very less variance.

Parathas & More’s Tandoori parartha will remind you off about Delhi-Karnal highway experience with variety of garama-garam Tandoori paratha with Pachranga achar straight from Panipat (Haryana).

Now, you can convert any Tandoori and Tawa paratha to combo. Combo will be served with Choice of Paratha with our very special Dal Makhani & Drink of your choice (Sweet Lassi, Masala Chach or P&M Desitail Aam Panna).


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