Why Parathas & More takes more time to prepare Paratha?

Being a foodie myself, I do follow numerous of foodies over Zomato and this way I can keep track of my competitors :). Been into business for 18 months, we have tried very hard, and continuing, to serve quality food at affordable price.

I do remember when I was in Delhi, we used to goto a place for pav-bhaji and that guy takes lot of time to prepare bhaji regardless number of customers. Once I asked “Bhaiya, thodi jaldi kar dou!”  and I was shocked with his reply “jiss din jaldi karoonga, wapas gaavn jana padh jaayega.” Bottom line – If you want to have good quality food. Keep patience!

Back to the Zomato reviews posted by fellow foodies (obviously on our competitors pages), I came to know that they are serving parathas in no time (within 1 minute). Well this could definitely a world record.

We at Parathas & More, prepare each parathas from scratch and entire process (preparing dough, stuffing the dough, preparing paratha and then to cook them on Tawa / Tandoor) minimum 7-10 minutes job. Since I really want to know how this could be possible, have asked my chief about the same. He said their are 2 ways this can be achieved:

  1. Frozen Paratha (Only Tawa ones): Prepare parathas & keep them in deep freezer and on order cooked them on Tawa and serve.
  2. Half Cooked: Half cooked the parathas in advance and on order re-cooked them on Tawa and serve hot.

Unfortunately, we cannot any of these process and the biggest reason is we have 40+ kind of variety to Parathas on contrary our competitors have 2-3 varieties.

So next time you are placing your order online for  parathas to any outlet please do consider QUALITY over TIME. Even preparing Pizza does take 15-20 minutes to prepare.

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