Yaar! Hyderabad mein Dilli waali chaap milti hai kya? Yes, Only at Parathas & More, Kondapur

Who said that “Hyderabad mein Dilli walli Chaap nahin milti” – Latest edition to the Parathas & More Special Menu is Tangy – “”Achari Chaap” & Malai Daar “Malai Chaap”.
Malai/ Cream will stick to your tongue as soon as you pop-in your mouth and you gonna remember the taste for a while.

Achari Chaap prepared in Tandoor after marinated in in-house special Achari Masala will will blast your mouth with saunf, roasted dhaniya, methi, mirchi & kacha aam. Order now through Swiggy and get Free Delivery.

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